Things&places. Fall Edition I

After this different and special summer, we start a new season recommending you some brands and plans to do at this time of the year. Let's hope you like it!

Rafael Alberti Bookstore

Opened in 1975, it is one of the best bookstores in Madrid. In addition to receiving the latest publications, it has its own publishing house to create original books.

You can find them in Calle del Tutor 57 in Madrid, but you can also look at their online store.

Picnic with My basket catering

The weather is still good to enjoy a picnic. In Madrid, My Basket delivers - biodegradable- boxes with healthy, fresh and homemade food.

Some places we recommend to enjoy this delicious meal are the Parque del Oeste or the Pardo. If you don't mind going by car the Hayedo de Montejo or El Castañar in El Tiemblo are our favorite forest options near Madrid.

Elias Mora Winery
Another plan for this autumn is visiting Elias Mora winery, located in San Roman de Hornija (Valladolid). There we will enjoy a good wine tasting with Appellation of Origin Toro. They also offers guided tours through the winery and vineyard. If you prefer to enjoy their wines at home, you can also find them on their website.
Petite Mafalda notebooks.

Many times, an idea that is not targeted in time is an idea that is lost. If you are like us, who use notebooks all the time, you will love these from our friends of Petite Mafalda. These notebooks are designed with their already iconic floral print.

The Bleis Madrid costumes

Bleis Madrid believes in timeless pieces, those that are inherited from generation to generation, versatile and at the same time elegant. That's why a suit from this brand seems to us a complete worth investment. They have really beautiful designs!

Landa Hostel

Hostal Landa is located 2 km away from Burgos. A very special place to stay and enjoy its two swimming pools or make a stop on the way to taste its famous eggs with black pudding or its delicious hot chocolate.

They also have a store where they sell sweets, pickles, and what we like best, the soap and the hotel's scent spray, which is the one that Monti has at home.