Defered Payment


Our team knows that emergencies occur (such as unexpected events). When you want a pair of shoes (or a bag, or a wallet ...) you want them for yesterday, because you never know if they will run out! And sometimes (only sometimes) it's better to buy two in two :)

That's why we want to offer you the possibility to pay, either the month after your order, or pay in installments.

It's very fast, simple and safe. Once you are in the cart and you are about to check out, select “Aplazame” as a payment method, choose the number of installments, and the day of the month in which you want to pay. You will receive an instant approval decision! No long forms to fill out, all you need is your email, phone (you will receive a verification SMS) and ID.

See instructions below!

1. Select “Aplazame” as a method of payment (Note: For orders over 109 euros) *except in special offers.

2. Decide how you want to postpone your purchase.

You decide how many installments you want to postpone your purchase and in what month you want to start paying it off.

3. Enter your personal information.

We will need your phone number and ID.

4. Enter the verification code.

When you enter your phone number you will receive a verification code. This text message is free of charge.

5. Instantaneous approval! You can now enjoy your purchase.

Your order will be shipped as soon as you are done with the procedure.

Conditions of financing:

  • The minimum amount for financing is € 109.
  • The maximum amount of financing is € 1000. If you need more financing, contact us!
  • Installments up to 12 months.
  • The granting of a loan requires that there is an initial payment that is typically equal to the amount of the fee.
  • This payment is in addition to the number of installments. For example, a 6-month financing will involve 7 payments, one at the time of payment and 6 payments in each of the 6 months following the purchase.
  • Payments will be made with the card provided by the client to “Aplázame”. Only Spanish credit cards.
  • The granting of financing is subject to compliance with a series of requirements set by “Aplázame”.
  • You can cancel your order at any time, at no cost to you.

**Campaigns with 0% EAIR.

This type of campaigns are designed for greater ease of payment, not assuming any change in our sales conditions or any cost to the customer. You would benefit if you meet the following requirements:

  • Spanish credit card.
  • Purchase made within the dates indicated.
  • Fees of maximum 12 months.