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About Us mint&rose

mint&rose is a Mediterranean-inspired brand
founded in 2012 by Monti G. Benavides.

As a Made in Spain company, we are slow life advocates with a thirst for passion-fuelled work.

About Us mint&rose

We create timeless
artisan-crafted collections
using century-old techniques
and the highest
quality materials.

Each and every
mint&rose collection is
designed to last longer
and to better withstand
daily wear and tear.

About Us mint&rose
About Us mint&rose

We are proud to form part of the everyday lives of women. We offer more than just a great product.

We provide a sense of community that understands their needs, and that respects their decisions, from the first time they step into a mint&rose store, to the moment they hang that special garment in their closet.

About Us mint&rose

We aim to make select products with
simplicity, natural beauty, and soul,
for easy decision-making.

About Us mint&rose


Our collections are
designed to be treated
with love and to last.

We believe that responsible
fashion is possible.

High quality, long lasting
products with a powerful
sense of identity should be
available to everyone.

We aim to cut out the
middleman and create
collections that excite
at lower than average prices.
About Us mint&rose


Distinctive everyday essentials.
Timeless creations. Reinvented classics.
Focus on high-quality materials and versatility.


At mint&rose we encourage
our customers to be
themselves and to let their
personality shine through.
We love how their effortless sense
of style accentuates
their natural beauty.

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